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Claire's STORY

Claire fundamentally believes that every single person wants to have good health. She believes that 80% of good health is critically dependant upon the food we eat.

Claire has been vegetarian since she was 13 and has now spent many years as a plant based, nutritarian. When Claire decided to become a plant based nutritarian she knew the only way she could get nutritionally complete food was to cook it herself. So she did and now shares it with you.

If you want to be a plant based nutritarian and maybe you don't have the inclination, know how or time to source ingredients, cook a meal from raw ingredients but really want to eat well and support your own health, your families health and the health of the environment then let Claire do the hard work for you which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of delicious nutritious meals. 

All of the meals are prepared and cooked by Claire herself in her home based catering kitchen. They all come accompanied with full ingredient lists and a nutritional factsheet.

All meals can be made for 1 person or up to 6 person servings.

Claire is doing her best to be as green as possible and all meals come in glassware that is sterilised and reused or compostable dishes.

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